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How did Living Legacy Bible Outreach Begin? 

SOF (Shield of Faith Family & Youth Ministries, Inc.) has given out Bibles since they began in 1997, but the Living Legacy Bible Foundation was established in January 2010 in honor of the life work of Lucille M. Tuller. Lucille's passion was for Christ and the Word of God.  

Throughout her lifetime she was known to give away Bibles to anyone who wanted one, and she often sowed her very own Bible. 
Lucille even sowed new Bibles she had just purchased for herself. My husband received one of those Bibles and that's why we share her story that was written on our hearts.  

At the time of her home-going only one of Lucille's many Bibles could be found, leaving her family to believe (more than likely) she had given them all away. Living Legacy Bible Outreach continues to sow Bibles just as Lucille did.  

What is a “Living Legacy?” 

Bible Foundation is a ministry that honors the life of a loved one now living in Heaven.  

Many purchase Bibles to sow in honor of special events of an organization or accomplishments of an individual.  

Others just want to give a Bible, because someone once gave them one. 
Why Give Living Legacy Bibles?  

Flowers, cards or trophies last for a moment, but Jesus said, the Word of God (is a legacy that) will last forever. The person who receives the Bible will know that someone cares about their soul as Jesus does.  

When you give a Bible, you sow seeds into your own legacy and Heavenly account that will last forever all while you are honoring someone else's life.  

What is included in the Bibles?  

Living Legacy Bibles are given by the loved ones family or friend on their behalf to honor their life (whether still living on earth or residing in Heaven.)

You will receive verification that a Bible has been sent in honor of the person listed on the order form.  

Who Receives the Bibles?  

All Bibles are sent out to requests that are made for a Bible.
Most of the Bibles are purchased overseas in foreign nations (in their language) on your behalf. SOFM partners with ministries, churches and pastors throughout the world to help distribute the Bibles where they are needed.
Photo: Pastor in Pakistan received his new bible from Living Legacy!  It's his first full bible!  He is just one of many who have been blessed by those who have given in LLBF. 

No one is an island.  We're not meant to do this alone.  We hope you will be a part of those who have reached out to something higher by giving a LEGACY GIFT today. 

In advance we thank you!

“… Above all taking the Shield of Faith.” Ephesians 6:16 

In His Service,
Shield of Faith Family & Youth Ministries  

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